Voice Lessons

(and piano lessons, too!)


My style and philosophy


I am a voice teacher, vocal coach, and accompanist in one. My students have appeared on Broadway, off, and in national tours and my high school-aged students have gone on to top BFA programs across the country. I’ve studied with many highly-sought teachers, and most recently, the NYU vocal pedagogy department. By utilizing the science behind singing - the anatomy and acoustics that create your sound - we can effectively and efficiently improve your consistency, widen your range, and strengthen your "mix" and "belt," all while doing so in a way that is proven to be healthy and easy on your vocal folds. This means you can book a role and do eight shows a week without losing your voice or feeling vocal strain. I focus on the big picture - building a technique that is sustainable not just until your 20s (when your voice may start to lose some of the resiliency of youth), but throughout a long and versatile career, and have seen the incredible effects both immediately and in the long-term. I help prepare for auditions, improve the acting of the song, build audition books, strengthen breath energy, expand range and versatility, prepare for performances, and build confidence as a singer/performer. I focus in musical theater music, but my technique works well across all genres - classical, pop, jazz, cantorial, and more. I have also studied Fitzmaurice voice work in depth with master teachers, and implement that work with breath and the body where there is need and interest. If you feel generally tense or stuck while singing or speaking and struggle to find a deep breath, this might be where we begin.



I also teach piano to students of all ages! It is never too early or too late to start music lessons of some kind, and piano is the perfect instrument to start with. My youngest students are pre-school-aged. For them, we use the Wunderkeys method, utilizing cute characters that represent the different fingers to introduce basic concepts in a fun and engaging way. For older children who have learned to read, we move on to the Alfred books, learning to read in treble and bass clefs, learning basic scales, and improving finger strength. For adult learners, we use the Alfred Adult Course, starting from the basics or filling in anything you may have forgotten over the years, before moving on to repertoire like Bach Preludes.

My logistics

I teach in mid-town Manhattan at affordable rates. I'm currently expanding my studio; if you're interested in a preliminary lesson, please contact me at rebeccag@rebeccagmusic.com