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Arranger/Copyist, Teaching Artist, Music Director, and Accompanist



Need a song transposed to a different key for an audition? Or need a recording transcribed to sheet music? Or maybe you have an audition cut that is too complicated and too difficult to read, leaving audition pianists scrambling every time, and you just need a simpler, clearer, cleaner version? For these and all arranging and copying needs, I'm your gal! I charge by the page, or by the minute for transcriptions, and the rates vary depending on the difficulty and quantity of elements of the piece. For a quote, or to see a sample of my arranging work, contact me at



Teaching Artist 


I've traveled around NYC's boroughs teaching music, theatre, and the writing of music and theatre to many different ages and interests. In music classes, I focus on opening my students ears to listening in new ways, whether that's by listening to an instrument or genre they've never heard before, or by finding new meaning and listening beyond the surface of a piece of music they already knew. In theatre classes, I strive to ignite my students' creative energies in storytelling, creating a collaborative and safe environment for all students to participate, positively interact with one another, and learn what it is in stories that inspires them. Some of my favorite classes are the ones in which we write a song, a play, or even an entire musical! This kind of class is very exciting for me to see what even the youngest students are capable of, and I've had great success in creating beautiful new works while instilling confidence, collaboration, and creativity in my students. For more information, or to see my most recent resume, contact me at



Music Director 


In my work with the award-winning Kidz Theater, I've music directed countless classic and contemporary musicals, including Sweeney Todd, West Side Story, Once on this Island, Rent, and more. I've also music directed new shows independently produced and through NYC Fringe, DC Fringe, and NYMF. For more information, or to see my most recent resume, contact me at





I'm a classically trained pianist with extensive experience playing full shows, rehearsals, and auditions. I play in all genres, focusing in "musical theater" - and all the styles that this catch-all term encompasses. For more information, or to see my most recent resume, contact me at

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