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Anthology Features and More!

I'm very excited to announce that two songs of mine have been featured on Contemporary Musical Theatre .Com's anthology series. In each anthology, they select five standout underperformed, unpublished songs for a specific voice type. Volume 2, the Legit Tenor series, features "Average, Everyday Normal Kind of Guy," in which a prince tries hard to commune with the populace, but everyone is too afraid to be anything but courteous to him. Click here for the link, and you can purchase the sheet music after joining the site. Volume 6, the Teen Girls series, features "Just Once," in which a girl under a spell, a spell that forces her to obey any order, struggles to disobey. Here's the link, and again, purchase the sheet music after joining the site!

In other news, my 10 minute play, The Recipe Cards, was selected as part of Manhattan Repertory Theatre's 10 Minute Play Contest, and I'll be acting in one of the roles! The Recipe Cards is about the relationship between a mother and daughter who desperately want to make each other happy, but can't seem to want the same things. It's sure to make you call up your own mother or daughter after you see it! Click here for more information and tickets!

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